Brainstorming titles for Mouse Guard hacks

Since Luke suggested we start another thread, here we go:

“Mice in the Vineyard”- it already reminds me of Dogs as-is.
“Sherlock Mouse”- Something like The Great Mouse Detective.
“Ars Mousica”- It already has seasons. Just mix in some Magic Burner.
“Lensmouse”- Mice working for the Galactic Partol in Doc Smith’s classic “Lensman” setting.
“Vampire: The Mousequerade”- I’m sorry.

Well, Luke already suggested “Call of Mousethulhu” (although he had Moose, I think that was a typo).

All I’m getting are:

The Three Mouseketeers


Of Mice and Men

Not a typo! Have you seen a Moose in the game? They ARE Cthulhu!

Team-oriented RPGs for which I’d love to see hacks:

Star Mice, of course – both Wars and Trek

Gamma Mice – not explicitly team-based, but more gonzo than Twilight 2000. Probably most mutations could be reflected as traits. Maybe some very weird Natures.

All Mice Must Be Eaten – survival horror, mice vs. shambling zombie cats if you want to keep it furry.

Ars Mousica – cabals of sorcerous mice and their lackeys

Feng Cheese – martial-arts mice battle evil across time (gets very confusing if you’re furry-ing FS since you already have The Ascended in the setting)

They pretty much serve the great old ones in real life!

I’ve lost two acquaintances to moose (One, a professor, was trampled to death; the other died in a crash, when the moose rammed his car…). My dad came real close to dying from a moose charging his car. An ex-GF and 3 of her friends all got grievous injuries from a moose charging their car.

Bull moose try to rutt against parked aircraft. They rutt against moving autos. You don’t hit the moose, it hits you. Usually at the front quarterpanel…

Moose: the unseelie elk…

A M00se once bit my sister …

WasteMouse - A fallout / wasteland inspired post nuclear apocalypse setting.

I haven’t gotten to the moose writeups yet! Grrr!

Damn you! I was going to make that joke!

What about a forensic investigation-type show? CSI: Mouseami?

Heh…I was thinking Smallout – survivor rodents avoiding supermutants and ghouls in the wastes of Washington DC.


What about Penmouse? (Pendragon for MG). Might work, you already have the winter phase built in.

Mouse Guard: Wooden Ships and Iron Mice
Mouse Guard: 1889
Mouse Guard: Cold Warriors
Mouse Guard: 2020
Mouse Guard: Above and Beyond


my own:

Mice and Mazes

Fafhrd and the Grey Mouse: Adventures of Little Lankhmar

Don’t Rest Your Tail
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Mouse
Mouse World
A Game of Mice
Mouse Wars
Mice Unlimited
Mutants and Mice
Mouse: The Reckoning
Mouse Kingdoms
Mouse 007
kill mice for satan
Mice Ate My Baby!
Macho Mice with Guns
Mouse: The Ascension
Mice, Spies and Private Eyes
Mouse 2000
Mouse: The Resurrection
My Life with Mouseter (sorry)
Mouse Realms
The Mouseside Project
Mice Burger
The Riddle of Mouse
Savage Mice (yeah, I wanna play that one!)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Mice (too easy)
Time Mice
Transmice Space
Tunnels and Mice
Unknown Mice
Weapons of the Mice
The Wheel of Mouse
Mouse Hunter: The Invisible World
Mouse of Wonder
Mouse Tree
Mouse: The Oblivion

Okay, this is tangential, but that just put me in mind of a little “addition to canon” that the Chaykin/Mignola Fafhrd & Grey Mouser series added – in one of the stories, the narrator explains the two were on the outs with one another, but nobody knew why. In the books, I seem to recall it being the same. However, in the same panels, there were these word balloons “F-a-f-e-r-d!” “F-a-f-h-r-d!” (or something like that).

That just cracked me up.

Mouse Effect

the mousiest space epic

Starships and Spacemice… Mouse Adventure in the Final Frontier!

“MG: Secret (little) Army” from my post on this thread.

Get Mouse: Control vs Chaos

Obstacle types:
Technology - Use it
Enemy Agents - Defeat Them
Innocents - Protect them
“Allied Agents” - Stop them from interfering
Information - Get the right stuff and/or give the wrong stuff.
Weather - Somethings never change. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t one of them.
Terrain - unpleasant or just out of place in it. From ballrooms to sewers.

Analyst/Agent in training
Agent (Grades 3-2-1)
Deputy Chief (Captain Equivalent)
Chief of Control

Stages of training:
Home town
Mentor’s Op Training
Field Experience.

New Weapons: get wild…

Hack to missions:
Pick 3, and invoke the others as twists and complications. Tech, especially, is twist worthy. But keep each short, and if possible, slapstick but mostly successful on failure.

In the grim future of MouseHammer 40,000 there is only war.


Team-based. Generally mission-based. Big overarching conflict. Chaos Weasels howling in the Void, spreading death in all directions.

(First expansion: CheeseStealers).