Brand new Mouse Guard GM!

Hello all–
I recently read the 1st Edition Rulebook and ran my first session. It went really well, but I was playing with a group that I have a lot of experience with. I blogged about it and would be curious to get your input:

(1) Does it sound like I’ve got the gist of the game right?
(2) Any tips/tricks you can give to a new GM?

I’d appreciate any and all comments:

Part one of that blog:
Part two:


Hi Jason,

Thank you for the posts. Do you have the characters’ Beliefs, Instincts, and Goals from your session? Do you remember how Fate and Persona were awarded at the end?

Good posts. I agree the Recruitment is a bit clunky; I’ve often felt that the process could be improved without knowing perfectly what I want to change. I did create some processes for building NPC mice both in the Guard and otherwise. That helped me condense the most important components.

I’ve been secretly planning to create some recorded G+ Hangouts of playing Mouse Guard. Maybe after MG 2e is released I’ll get more serious about doing that.

Thanks for reading and responding! Hopefully you’ll find some other great content on

Daniel, my players used pregens from the book: Lieam, Saxon, and Thom. The goals they developed for the session were:
Lieam - show myself to be “Mouse Guard material” to Thom and Saxon
Saxon - to achieve the mission as quickly and efficiently as possible
Thom -keep the tenderpaw alive

Kenneth, I’d love to know if you are going to run something like that. Would love to try it out!

Your blog post pretty much nailed it on the head as far as first impressions go.

Always challenge the players to stretch their characters to the limit.

Huge part of all BWHQ games.

How did they do at accomplishing those goals? Do you remember which of the players were awarded MVP and Workhorse?

They did pretty well at accomplishing their goals (except Saxon–the other PCs wouldn’t have it!). Mostly that comprised the Players’ Turn.

Thanks, Jason. Did Saxon’s player receive a Fate point for trying to complete his Goal?