Brando, ambitious halfling.

Brando managed to live between the cracks of a human crossroads settlement, not so much a hobo as a … facilitator. Things got a little too hot when a shipment for the local bisshop disappeared. He will need to learn some tough lessons.
(Question: i noticed the missing halfling home as well. Could be an interesting way to force their integration into other societies?)

Level 1
Will 5
Health 3
Age 30

Cook 3
Criminal 3
Fighter 3
Hunter 2
Scout 2
Scavenger 2
Haggler (underlined) 3
Manipulator 2

Wises: pithy aphorism wise, crime-wise

Traits: hidden depths

Nature: halfling (sneaking, riddling, merrymaking) 5

Circles 4
Friend: Remin, human rider
Parents: Elsa (haggler) and Boro (cook)
Enemy: Gerard Bridley, bisshop

Brando made his own way (2d cash). His outlook is Neutral. He wields sword and wears leather and helmet. Other equipment TBD.

Belief: I will make them offers…
Instinct: Haggle about it!
Goal: TBD

I dont own mouse guard, so i have no idea what a long term growth char would look like. Is this it?

Also, what is the “power level” of a murder hobo vs others in society? Is the philosophy like BW (basically, you decide as a group and can create broad range) or always close to moldvay lvl 1? What are common tricks to game the starting power spectrum, not that you would always want to). Black Leaf tricks?

Stoked about this game!

So please forgive me if this has been asked, but u presume Cook is actually a fairly big thing in this game?

Cook is incredibly useful. It allows you to stretch rations to feed the whole party! Very useful.

An interesting quirk of the game is that characters can get quite powerful as they advance their skills and go up in level, but “low-level” threats can still present significant challenges, even to high-level characters. Also, your skills advance independently of your level, and you can even learn new ones by using a rule called Beginner’s Luck.

Thanks Thor. So, like BW then (ish), with advancement but not hp glut.

So now, curious about mapping. :slight_smile:

I missed the raiment!

Brando wears thick black clothes, functional, neat, high quality but a bit too scuffed… doesn’t quite sit right over his armor either. A small red flower on his lapel that has to be fake.

Big jaw, blond going on white sideburns, thinning scalp hidden by the small, neat helmet.

here is my rendition

Damiller, that is awesome. I especially like the smiling apprehension. Thank you for that.