Brann, the Tongue of Flame

Hi all,

Long time - no post. Had a quick question:

I’ve been reading through the new zine adventure, the Ghost Tower of Illmyr Fens. Seems super cool. I’m excited to get it to the table.

Anyways, in it three magic items are spoken about, one being Brann the Tongue of Flame. However I’ve not been able to locate the stats for said sword, am I missing something?

The shield and book are started out but where can I find the stats for Brann?

Thanks so much.

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Hey there

There is a missing section in the book.

Thor uploaded the missing page to the BW Discord: Discord

Or here on the community Discord: Discord


Thanks Koch!

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@Thor would it be possible to upload the missing page here as well, for posterity?

Since it’s on the Discord, seems fine for me to post the missing pages (pack 1 [2], carried):
Arnulf_and_Brann.pdf (79.5 KB)