Breaking light

Mirrors are neat. Kinda pricey, (ob4) and they take up valuable food space. I like the idea of using a mirror to better light a small area. Setting it behind a candle could increase the number of characters covered in dim light or even give a whole (small) room dim light. Anybody ever use a candle in the bathroom during a power outage? Dramatically better lit than without. Thing is it’s also kinda creepy. The mirror can look like a different room. So the benefit of extra light comes at a risk of Afraid condition, or freaking out a character with Afraid into breaking the mirror by dashing the light source - maybe taking an injury as a result. Since the mirror is a light source in this usage, it should be totally prone to the GM’s Party Illumination Killswitch.

This is hilarious.

“You failed. Something crawls out of the mirror.”

Heh. Reminds me of Fallen London.

Or, you poor sap, are in the mirror now and your mirror-world doppelganger is out in the real world.

*with a goatee

Or in your case, without one.

I think I saw something about how facial hair is only available to non-dwarf stocks if they’re Chaos aligned…

You’re assuming I’m not from the mirror dimens… err, right, obviously my evil doppelganger would be clean-shaven. Yes.

The candle/mirror combo is wonderful, btw. I’d make it provide +1 dim light.

Thanks. The mirror has a pretty limited function as described and a really high cost. A proper mirror ought to be expensive though there are probably ways to make big, flat areas of metal shiny enough to act like mirrors. (Aziz! Light!) Then again, it’s not the authors’ job to tell us in exhaustive detail what each item listed can do. It’s our job to cook with this stuff and encourage the players to do it also. A mirror could be spell supplies for the Arcane Semblance spell, maybe? Used as a prop in a trick? Heck, used to peer around a corner or to direct a reflection of light off of another surface. A mirror’s a mirror.

Unless it’s a mirror from a door, as the guide of a ghost tour once told me. Then it’s a door…

Has anyone done a Medusa yet for this game?

I’m jealous of anyone whose had time and warm bodies enough to do more than character creation so far. From the Gear chapter:
“Mirror : A mirror gives +1s to successful Maneuver actions in a conflict against a monster with a gaze weapon.” That’s the only listed use of a mirror that I can see. That and they’re a stiff penalty (6?) to Two Men and A Truck rolls.