Breaking Ties in the GM's Favor and its effect on Disposition Question

In a conflict where a Versus test is tied, (say Attack (GM) vs. Defend (PC)), and the result is tied, the active player chose to break the tie in the GM’s favor with an unused trait to gain 2 checks. My question is how does this translate numerically to the disposition of the Players?

In my previous game of Mouse Guard, I ruled on the fly that this would be considered a Margin of Success of 1, so their Disposition would only fall one point. I’m looking to start up a Torchbearer game soon, nearly having finished reading the whole book, and either haven’t read close enough or it’s just not stated how to resolve this issue.

Does the GM get to make an unopposed Attacking tie-breaker roll (like an Attack vs. Feint), or is it considered a MoS of 1, or something else I haven’t yet considered?


MoS 1.

You’re my hero. in a broken voice, while sniffling, and fighting off tears :cool: