What skill would you use for this? Yesterday we used Stentorious Debate (it was in a closed room, so the Dwarf was allowed to be as loud as he wanted, really), but I feel like there’s a better choice here.

Haggling, maybe? Or Bargaining?

Stentorious debate is really not how I would see most bribes going. However, for dwarves it’s maybe not unreasonable. Mostly I’d say either Persuasion or Resources (plus optional haggling) depending on the target’s reaction. If it’s a target who it has already been established to accept bribes, then I think resources is all that’s needed. Otherwise persuasion works best. Or you can do both - linked Persuasion into Resources.

Or even Inconspicuous, if money isn’t the issue. It really depends–what’s the core of the Intent–is it a question of whether the character can afford to bribe him (Resources), if he can convince the NPC to accept a bribe (Persuasion or other DoW skill), how much the bribe will be (Haggling), or whether he can do it without others realizing (Inconspicuous)?

There’s also bribe-wise in at least one lp.

What’s the intent?

Yeah, what’s the situation? What’s the intent? What’s the task? Bribes are complicated things.

The Dwarf was trying to Circle up some weird mystic occult salesman to sell the heads of some zombies to (he’ll do anything for a profit). He failed, so as part of the enmity clause I said that guards had been watching this guy’s shack for contraband and when he tried to sell the sprung their trap and threatened to arrest both of them. The Dwarf tried to bribe his way out of the situation and wanted to use the cash-on-hand he had to do so. How would you have handled that?

Well, first you need to determine if a bribe is proper intent/task. If these guards are accepting bribes, then have him make a Resources test. If they’re not, then either say no and move on or have him pass a Persuasion/Soothing Platitudes test to get them to accept.

I figured bribing the guards to let him go was ok, if the money was right. We went with Stentorious Debate since the description said it was something like Persuasion and Haggling all in one.