Bridge Building Part 1 (Planned as the first mission for a new "campaign")

I feel like I’m crowding this forum… So I’m going to write a series of missions all on this topic.

In this series of sessions 2 missions will equal 1 season.

I mentioned that in like two-three weeks I’m going to be restarting our Mouse Guard thing. So yeah… I think this will be the first… else I can just do the Grain Peddler and go from there… Tell me how you like it, and give me advice if you can.

Bridge Building Part 1

"Each of you walk into the Gwendolyn’s mission room. Gwendolyn is the matriarch and architect of the Mouse Guard, and she has called you all together for a mission. Some of you walk in together having known met long before, or even on the way here, but for the most part before this is your first time meeting.

You take your place, standing around the table. On the table is map of the area, with wooden pieces representing guard locations.

Gwendolyn says, “There will be a time for introductions, but now there is a problem we must attend to. I have placed [-] in charge of this group. Among you [he/she] has the most experience, and will be most equipped to lead. This is an odd mission for the Guard but I believe you can pull it off. There is a certain necessity for a bridge from Maple Harbor to Sandmason. Two relatively small settlements that could use a bridge for travel and trade. It will be a little difficult to get there. It’s a long journey, and the path is infrequently used but once you get there it will be simple construction work. A Sandmason beetle caravan is traveling through the there early summer, and will except the bridge done when they pass through. It may take you weeks to actually finish the project, as it will be only the [number] of you, so you may have to gather food and supplies there. Oh and while your at it take this mail to Sandmason.”

Gwendolyn throws a bag of mail to [player]

“You [num] are a patrol now. Remember your oaths, and good luck to you.”

As you are walking out of the room, she picks up a new wooden piece, and places it on the road to Mapleharbor."

Ob. 1 Reach Mapleharbor

Ob. 5 Pathfinder (“destination: a long journey” (+3), “route: infrequently used” (+2))
P: goto Ob. 2
F: goto Twist 1

Twist 1. “Spring snow! It begins to snow heavily. You are now near Blackrock. you will need to build shelter, and wait out the storm.”
Ob 3 Survival (“action: building a shelter” (+1), “breadth: patrol” (+2))
P: goto 5
F: goto 2

  1. “Your running out of supplies, the storm has let up a little, you can’t wait here forever. Do you want to attempt to further wait out the storm, or just attempt to complete the mission”
    Wait out: goto 3
    Journey on: goto 4

  2. Ob 5 Survivalist (“action: starting a fire in bad conditions” (+3), “breadth: patrol” (+2))
    P: goto Ob. 2
    F: goto Ob. 2 (Tired condition)

  3. Ob 3 Health
    P: goto Ob. 2
    F: goto Ob. 2 (Sick condition)

Ob. 2 Deliver the mail

  1. “You are near Sandmason. (You have obviously ventured out of the snow.) It is very warm. You should deliver the mail to Sandmason as soon as possible.”
    Ob 5 Pathfinder (“destination: nearby” (+1), the shifting sands make it hard to pick up on trails (+3), unseasonably warm (+1))
    P: goto 3
    F: goto Twist 2

Twist 2. You are in the desert around Sandmason when suddenly the wind picks up. Off in the distance you see a sandstorm! You see a large rock that could offer protection, but the wind has gotten very powerful and it is hard to see and move.
Nature vs. Spring’s Nature of 6
P: goto 3 “The sandstorm passes. Each of you are safe”
F: goto 2

  1. The sandstorm passes. Most of you made it behind the large rock, but [player that took test] was buried by the sand.
    Make a Nature conflict vs. Spring’s Nature of 6 to attempt to dig (him/her) up.

Attack: Work a trench to the side of the buried character. (Laborer or Nature)
Defend: Focus on getting the buried character oxegyn, and giving them more time, rather than focusing digging the character up. (Wisdom or Survivalist)
Maneuver: Attemping to gather nearby objects that would help. (Scout, Scientest, or Survivalist)
Feint: Frantically attempt to dig the character out from above. (Laborer or Nature)

Attack: The character is being crushed under the weight of the sand. (Nature of 6)
Defend: The character sinks farther into the sand. (Nature of 6)
Maneuver: Large amounts of sand blow from the powerful winds and condense around the buried character. (Nature of 6)
Feint: The character shifts location in the sand. (Nature of 6)

Full Victory: (name) is successfully dug up, is a little shaken but will be alright.
Compromise: (name) is successfully dug up, but is not in good condition. (name) gains the Injured, Angry, Tired, and Hungry/Thirsty conditions.
Major Compromise: (name) must take an Ob. 0 Health check, and now has Angry, Tired, and Hungry/Thirsty conditions. The result of the successes of the Health check is how many actions the patrol has before (he/she) dies. If the Injured status is cured before the patrols actions run out then (name) will not die after all.
No Compromise: (name) has been claimed by the sand.
What ever the result goto 3

  1. You arrive in the desert town of Sandmason, and hand out the mail.


The mission is flowing better than some of the others.

What kind of actions are you thinking about scripting during the digging conflict? Why does the compromise result in conditions, but the minor compromise can result in mouse death?

I thought minor compromise was the worse one… But thanks for the complements.

How I plan on doing it.

Oh and btw there are now people from my group on this site, but don’t worry. I’ve told them not to look at this topic.

Cool. Let us know how it works out in play!

I don’t know if I love it. I just needed to have the patrol build the bridge, and somehow stretch it into a whole mission.

Bridge Building part 2

Ob. 1 Transport the Bridge to the River

  1. "You decide to travel by night because of Sandmason’s incredible heat during the the day. You are going to need to transport these stones to the river. The town, wanting this bridge built, has lent you a large group of beetles to do the job, protect the beetles on their way to the river. "
    Ob 4 Pathfinder (“destination: nearby” (+1), the shifting sands make it hard to pick up on trails (+3))
    P: goto 2
    F: goto Twist 1

Twist 1: “The beetles have attracted a hungry scorpion.”
Conflict with Scorpion
Scorpion Nature 5
Insect Eater, Nocturnal, Burrowing, Slow-Metabolism
Scorpion Weapons:
Venomous Telson - +1D to Attack, +1D extra to successful Attack. Rough Exoskeleton - +2D to Defend. Pincers and Agile Legs - +2D to Maneuver.
then goto 2

Ob 2. Build the bridge.

  1. “You arrive at the river.”
    Ob 6 Stonemason (“complexity: arch” (+3), “size: big” (+3))
    (This check can be assissted by Carpenter, Laborer, Scientest, Smith, or Potter)
    P: “It takes several weeks, but you finish the bridge without interruption.”
    F: goto Twist 2 (Hungry/Thirsty status)

Twist 2: “You are delayed and Sandmason’s caravan has arrived. The caravan master approaches the patrol.”
Persuader or Deceiver vs. Carevan Master’s Will of 3
P: goto 3
F: goto 2

  1. “The caravan masters stomps away angrily.”
    goto 4

  2. "The caravan master understands, and says “It’s alright, as long as it means getting this bridge built. We are but merchants and can not help you build, but you all look tired and it is almost day. Rest and eat with us today, and continue tommorow night.”
    (The party is no longer Tired, Angry, or Hungry/Thirsty if they were before.)
    goto 4

  3. Ob 4 Stonemason (“complexity: arch” (+3), “size: big” (+3), completion: almost finished (-2))
    (This check can be assissted by Carpenter, Laborer, Scientest, Smith, or Potter)
    F: (Tired status)