This is part of my conversion of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Might: 1
Will: 2
Health: 4
Nature (Brigand): 3
Nature Descriptors: Mugging, Fleeing, Intimidating
Dispositions: Flee: 4, Kill 5, Drive off 3, Capture 6, Parlay 4, All else Nature + Nature Roll
Fight Weapons: Sword, Spear, Crossbows
Armor: Leather
Skills: Fighter 3, Scout 4, Scavenger 3
Instinct: Flee when outnumbered

Brigand Leader
Might: 2
Will: 3
Health: 4
Nature (Brigand): 4
Nature Descriptors: Bossing, Negotiating, and Fleeing
Dispositions: Flee: 4, Kill 6, Drive off 5, Capture 6, Parlay 4, All else Nature + Nature Roll
Fight Weapons: Sword or Spear
Armor: Chain, Shield
Skills: Fighter 4, Criminal 3, Commander 3, Persuader 3
Instinct: Always make one of my Brigands take a blow for me.

Assuming that mobs work the same in TB as in MG, you add +1 to the dispo per additional creature of the same type in a Conflict, right? So a Kill Conflict with 4 Brigands would be dispo=8? Does having a Brigand mob + a Brigand Leader require splitting the party to do two conflicts?

It seems like there should be more differentiation in Nature Descriptors between a Brigand and a Brigand Leader. At the moment, I’m not really sure what that would be, but I’m thinking something charisma’ish.

As written, your Brigand Leader seems to be only slightly more powerful than the standard Brigand, which makes me wonder why to even bother with creating a build for it, and why not just portray the leader as a member of the mob through the roleplay, and maybe giving a dispo bonus or special move to a mob + leader.

I wasn’t sure about nature, that is, wasn’t sure if the descriptors can be different between two things with the same nature. If that’s kosher, I was actually going to give him: Bossing, Negotiating, and Fleeing.

As for other stat differences, it’s primarily in skills, which are more social in nature. If the Brigand leader was present in a fight, the net disposition would be based on the leader, and then +1D for each additional brigand.

Wait a moment – mobs in MG? Do you mean +1D to the dispo roll per helping team member, or is this something I missed?

Yep, sorry, that should have been +1D. (fixed now)