Bring on the magic! (Part II)

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The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse, 1886

Hello friends!

This week we’re continuing with the theme we started here. It’s time for more magic items!

Chime of Dreams

A set silver chimes and mallet intricately engraved with sigils linked to the Lord of Dreams. When struck, it emits a rich bell tone seemingly too deep and resonant to come from the instrument.
Effect: Those who hear the ring of the chime must make an Ob 3 Will (or Nature) test or fall into a deep, unnatural slumber filled with strange and terrible dreams. Those trapped in this sleep will only awaken if prodded or struck. Otherwise they will slumber forever. The chime can affect a maximum of four creatures of Might 1 or 2, three creatures of Might 3, two creatures of Might 4 or one creature of Might 5. It does not work on beings with the undead descriptor or who are Might 6 or higher.
Charges: 1d3+1
Inventory: Hand/carried 2 or pack 2
Type: Magical equipment

Crystal Egg

A smooth, shimmering crystal the size of a fist that seems to shift colors as one gazes upon it.
Effect: This crystal functions as a matrix that can store known spells, similar to a traveling spell book. A magician may store up to 8 slots of spells in the orb. Adding spells to the orb follows the rules for scribing a known spell into a traveling spell book. When found, the Crystal Egg may already contain spells imprinted by its previous owner. Roll 1d6 and consult the following table:

1d6 Result
1 Empty
2 One 1st Circle spell
3 1d3 1st Circle spells
4 One 2nd Circle spell
5 1d3 1st and 2nd Circle spells
6 One 3rd Circle spell

Inventory: Hand/carried 1 or pack 1
Type: Magical container

Ring of the Frog

A ring of mottled green and brown stone that always appears to be wet.
Effect: The wearer may breathe normally underwater.
Charges: 1d6+3
Inventory: Hand/worn 1
Type: Magical jewelry

Robe of the Thaumaturge

A heavy, exquisitely brocaded robe beaded with pearls.
Effect: The robe acts as armor against combat spells, invocations and other magical effects in kill and drive off conflicts. -1 personal damage from magical effects. After absorbing damage, roll 1d6. On a result of 1-2, one of the robe’s pearls crumbles to dust. When the pearls are all gone, the robe’s magic is destroyed.
Charges (Pearls): 1d6+3
Inventory: Torso/worn 3 or pack 4
Type: Magical clothing

Swan Mantle

A cloak of purest white swan feathers stitched with gold thread.
Effect: The wearer pulls the cloak tightly about them and takes the form of a swan. To transform, make a Will test Ob 3. This test does not take a turn. If successful, your character takes the shape of a swan and assumes its nature descriptors (Preening, Flying, Swimming). You may end the effect at any time by removing the cloak.
Inventory: Torso/worn 1, hand/carried 1 or pack 2
Type: Magical clothing


How do you reveal that an item has magical effect to players? Do you just tell them, ask them to describe what they do, ask for a test?

I don’t just tell them what an item does, though I do telegraph that an item is special through its description. The 1st Circle Supernal Vision spell grants magic users the ability to use Lore Master to read magic items. Or players can discover what magic items do through use.

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I knew I had missed something! Supernal Vision! Thanks

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