Bring on the Magic! (Part III)

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The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse, 1886

Hello friends!

Luke and I have some more magic items and potions for you this week.

You can find items from past entries here:

If you use any of these items in your game, please tell us about it. Enjoy!



A warhammer covered in earth runes inlaid with diamonds.
Effect: Gatecrasher can smash any wooden door, gate or portcullis to flinders with a single strike, releasing a resounding crash that can be heard from a great distance when it does so. Gatecrasher otherwise confers the normal warhammer benefits.
Inventory: Hands/carried 2
Type: Magical weapon

Girdle of Troll Might

A broad leather belt with a buckle of beaten silver in the shape of a charging boar.
Effect: Increase Might by 1 when worn.
Inventory: Replaces Belt
Type: Magical clothing

Jade Ward

A thick bracelet of highly polished green stone engraved with intricate runes.
Effect: Once per kill, drive off or capture conflict, reduce incoming damage from an opponent’s successful or tied Attack or Feint against you by one. If you take a second point of damage in the fight, the ward shatters.
Inventory: Hands/worn 1
Type: Magical jewelry


Dragon’s Breath

Gulping down this pungent distillation will cause the drinker’s innards to churn and boil. The only relief is to let it out, fast. Fire comes scorching up the throat! Charring enemies and wood alike.
Effect: If drunk and equipped as a weapon in a drive off or kill conflict, the Dragon’s Breath potion counts as a +2s Attack, +1D Feint weapon (-1s to Maneuver and Defend). If the Attack or Feint is successful, the action does one point of damage to all nearby opponents helping each other this round. If an opponent is in close combat with an ally, roll a d6. On a 1, the ally is burned and takes one point of damage instead. Armor does not protect against the Dragon’s Breath unless it is magical. If the imbiber is unable to take an action on the round they drink the potion, they suffer one point of damage.
Draughts: 1
Inventory: Pack 1

Effervescent Tonic

A clear liquid suffused with bubbles. Imbibing it causes one to rise into the air, floating skyward. Take care, you are subject to breezes and winds.
Effect: Rise straight up for one turn. Note, there is no mechanism for safe descent.
Draughts: 2
Inventory: Pack 1

Faerie Wine

Never drink what the fae offer you. This tart wine causes you to grow smaller, much smaller.
Effect: You become Might 1, Health 1. But you count as Pack 1 and can fit into tight crawl spaces, akin to a cat. The effect lasts for 1d6 turns.
Draughts: 1
Inventory: Pack 1


I don’t know why, but my players love diminution items. They love being tiny!

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