BSG characters, or similar


Were doing a very BSG inspired game (cylons though are now kinda vaylen :).

we know that BE is so internally consistent so we want to change as little as possible.

We decided the game will be happening on a SpaceCarrier (a battlestar).

Most lifepaths are perfect, if you just change the “color” of the name:
The Hammer subsetting becomes people working on the big ship, anvil becomes spacemarines.

Now for the spacefighters, the anvil pilot is a perfect lifepath.
Just this catch that he does not get access to vehicular weapons.
Is it serious to give him access to that skill.

A typical pilot would then be born, student, soldier and pilot.
Leading pilots could then get lieutenant training for command and such.
(though all pilots are officers in our game).

Alternatively the pilot should have the prerequisite to take sergent, anvil elite, liutenant and then anvil pilot but then he is like 31.

Another option is to make the Lord-Pilot hammer the true fighter pilot in space. The issue though here is again prerequisites.
Caeptir could easily be coloured to mean Cadet, but two more lifepaths in hammer setting is kinda lot when most pilots begin career at middle 20’ies.

What I am trying to say:
How much do I mess with the system if I change prerequisite or skill available for a lifepath?

(easiest way might be born-student-soldier-caeptir-lordpilothammer; would that be ok?)

This leads me to traits.

A lot of the traits have the wrong colour for our campaign…

By changing or removing traits do I mess the system up again?
Maybe I can replace them?

The thing you’re running up against is the tech and society presumptions of the Iron Empires vs. BSG. There are no “fighters” as such, and pilots don’t control the weaponry of a ship. For example, Anvil Pilot, the closest BSG analog would probably be a Raptor pilot, but in any case is still essentially a helmsman.

So your options are either to try to mold your setting expectations to match what the LPs provide, or to tweak the LPs.

Lord-Pilot Hammer is really what you’re looking for. You can easily make one that comes out to 23 years old.

It’s the simplest way and it works the best with the existing stuff in the book.

Also, for people working on the ship who aren’t in the military, don’t forget the Spacefarer setting.

What is the correct way to deal with ressources:

A young pilot has no chance what so ever to afford paying for a fighter (Anvil attack sled + space speed, armed with cannon - recoil)

The above weapon would at least be a 12rp tech.

Normally the pilot doesn’t “own” the plane and he uses it when ordered by superiors.

But isn’t that cheating, gaining access to this piece of equipment without buying it, doesn’t that disturb the balance of the two forces fighting?

Would a way to solve this be that if used without orders huge consequences would arise (as in real life).

the whole facet of controlling your superiors then becomes very interesting :slight_smile:

what say ye veterans of old?

We decided to use the lord-hammer Pilot…

Doing a slight adjustment to prerequests but nothing that should be serious.