Build/Repair Dwarven/Elven Arms and Armor


Can a Dwarf create Dwarven arms and armor? Would it be a test to create the weapon, and then a test to “name” it?

Can a dwarf “reset” an existing Dwarven weapon or armor? It doesn’t seem totally out of line, essentially being “supplies” built into an existing weapon. I feel like this might come up.

Along those same lines, could a Cleric “resanctify” his vestments?


I was going to say that I though this was already discussed, then I looked it up and saw the OP was you, so you probably know that :slight_smile: Still a link to the old thread might be relevant: Elven & Dwarven Items

I would guess these items are intended to be legendary items whose craftsmanship is lost to the ages… but I’d be curious to see what Thor or luke have to say on the issue.

No and nope. Those are created by people with specialized knowledge, not outcast adventurers.