Burl was founded as a town fairly recently, having been only a large outpost until then. Not only after the craftsmice had finished carving the lavish interior of the town did many begin to settle there. Since then Burl has flourished, being a port town with connections to Grasslake, and with its proximity and ease of trade with Sandmason. A good percent of the population are active or retired guardmice and their families. Many mice make the pilgrimage to Burl in late summer to see the beautiful polished wood interiors.

Location/ Structure
Burl is located within the large burl on a maple tree. The burl is near the ground but extends below into the root systems, making the town larger than it would appear as well as helping protect the townsmice within. The burl has attracted an unusual amount of insects as well.

Town (though slightly smaller in the warmer seasons with trade and Guard activities)

Burl is ruled by a retired guardsmouse by the name of Eadric. He was stationed there many seasons ago and began carving designs on the walls of the town. Since then, many have followed his lead and helped etch out the elaborate structures the town is famous for. After the town began to grow, he put down his tools and took on the duties of mayor. The mayor relies heavily on the Guard for advice and the defense of Burl.

Major Trades
Boatcrafting. Some Carpentry. With the number of guardsmice within its walls, Burl also is a minor staging point for the Guard and a storehouse for weapons and armor.

Burl exports finished boats, as well as wagons, carts, and other small wood structures. It’s beetles also produce a special ink prized by archivists. As a coast town, it can trade easily with the nearby cities and imports most of its food. Burl has recently signed an agreement with Sandmason to trade finer goods like carvings, furniture, glassworks, and some clothing.

Burl in the Recruitment “Where were you born?” section:

A small, guardmouse heavy, port town.

Skills: Boatcrafter, Militarist, Carpenter

Traits: Driven, Jaded

Some ideas when introducing Burl into your game:

Your patrol is sent to protect a group of pilgrims to Burl. All mater of trouble could ensue.

The beetles have overrun the town! Beetles got loose and are starting to destroy the beautiful wood structures of the town. The Guard must take control.

A massive bullfrog has decided to sun himself on Burl’s dock. All shipping has been delayed. Your patrol has to remove the frog (peacefully if possible) from the dock and depending on the margin of success, may have to help speed to shipping to stay on schedule.

Winter is a quiet time in Burl, but the dangers of this volatile season can still be felt. A young mouse got himself stuck in the ice on the water. Quick action will be necessary to extract the mouse and get him to safety and warmth.

A shipment of ink needs to be taken to Blackrock. Care must be taken not to spill the cargo during the rough, overland journey.

How was Burl used in your game? What characters were encountered? What twists did you use?

Sadly, I have not run a patrol there yet. I’ll make sure to update when I do. Hopefully someone else will like it enough to run a session or two there too.