BurnBot, a dice bot for Discord

I wrote a bot for Discord that knows the dice rules for Burning Wheel. It doesn’t do anything fancy or try to be helpful in any other way—dice and only dice.

Once invited to your Discord server, it keeps an eye out for tests. A test might have some preceding descriptive text, a test designator like B4, and optionally might follow with one or more keywords like open or carefully or an optional number and a keyword like 2 persona or 1 fork. (For keywords that take a number, leaving the number out treats it as 1, so help and 1 help mean the same thing.)

The bot remembers your last roll so that you can follow up with fate (or call-on or deeds) if you so desire.


  • b2 help carefully
  • Add up the dice yourself if don’t want to think about keywords: b4
  • You didn’t pay 10 resource points for Dwarven Tools to not get that bonus die: Khirurgy B4, 1 advantage
  • Updating map. Cartography B2
  • Decoding the walls, Beginner's Luck Symbology B6
  • The bot doesn’t know what Steel is or that it defaults to open, so include open for that to be automatically handled: Lost DoW! Steel B5 open
  • Add commas for readability: BL Precursor-wise B6, 4 help, carefully.

It also handles a Die of Fate, which has no fancy keywords but can have a simple + or -.




Here’s the full help, which you can get by saying @BurnBot help:

I reply to messages that look like Burning Wheel tests:
• Sword B5
• Persuasion G4
• Observation W3

After the shade and exponent, you can append these modifiers: n advantage (ad for short), n fork, n help, n persona, carefully, deeds, or open:
• Drunking B2 open persona
• Ugly Truth B4 2 help
• Weaponsmith B6 carefully

After your roll, you can follow up with call-on, deeds, or fate. I'll reply with your updated result.

I can also handle a Die of Fate:
• die of fate
• die of fate + 3
• dof - 1

You can @BurnBot with help for this message or verbose to toggle detailed roll results.

Sorry, it doesn’t do Astronomy FoRK because that’s a mess.

Get the Bot

I recommend you make a Discord server just for your game and have whoever has Manage Server permission hit this url to add the bot:

I’ve used it for almost a year, and I’m pretty happy with it. If you think you’ve found a bug, post in this thread (while it lasts) or message me directly.


I generally use Roll20 for this stuff, so I don’t know if this bot will see much use from me, but it’s cool as hell. Thanks for sharing!

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