Burned characters besides FoNs and Kerrn/Stentor guys

I’m hesitant to add guys to my side who aren’t paid for, but I’m not sure how to price them so I can pay for them (either with rolls or with points or whatever). My Forged Lord has a 3d affiliation with his Anvil and 1d with his Hammer (yeah, the planet’s ousted-but-returning Forged Lord is on the Vaylen side. That makes me feel like such a pimp). So he’s got a radioman and all, that’s totally legit, it’s the 5th Anvil LP and he’s got Signals at 5. Can I then burn him up real simple (probably just the minimum required LPs) and start him earning tests for advancement?

Should I first make a Circles roll or something? It seems like Anvil Lord plus the affiliation gives him to me without a roll, but then I want more from him now, so…

Why do you need to burn him? Are you playing all three phases?


Well. I was thinking to open his Sensors, but I guess I could just open the Forged Lord’s Sensors just as easily… We’re playing two phases. Mostly it just feels like he ought to be his own dude. Guess there’s no real reason for him to be anything but color and the Anvil Lord trait, though.