Burning a Mrecenary Character

How would go about doing that with the rulebook.

I would:

  1. Burn a character ending in a Professional Soldier lifepath.
  2. Buy a relationship with my superior (or inferior) in the mercenary company.
  3. Buy an affiliation with the mercenary company.
  4. Buy a reputation as a member of (or leader of) the company.

I’d definitely want the relationship and affiliation, some weapons and armor, the reputation is icing. Quality of each depends on setting.

Thanks I would think that the Iron Empires’s would have tons of Merc units, praticurly Merc Iron units who sell thier services to smaller less equiped planets (ala Hammer’s Slammers). Also Hammer ships out serving as priviteers by asking the major powers for letters of marque would be popular.

Oh, I’ve done stupid twice in about 3 days - I was thinking BWG.

In canon, there is no mercenary Iron. It’s “hand-crafted and can only be manufactured via license and patronage from an Anvil or Forged Lord.” (p.235, under Iron Artifice). So, no mercenaries in super-suits. Instead, you would have a regional Forged Lord ruling and taxing anybody who needed the protection of his Anvil. Basically, if you needed to hire Anvil, you would be making your planet a fief of a more powerful Forged Lord.

The principle for having a gang, though, is the same: to get a bunch of Kerrn, you buy a relationship with a big old vegetable with little tubers of his own.

On the other hand, every Anvil and Hammer Lord is a potential mercenary. Sometimes you need your armed forces to generate revenue.