Burning a Summoner and upgrading the Restless Dead affiliation.

So as I see in the Codex/Magic Burner, someone with the Summoning skill starts out with a Journeyman(0D) affiliation with the restless dead. This normally costs 10rps.

My question is; if they want to upgrade it, does the character pay the difference in rps for restless dead ( i.e, 10 pts for First Circle(1D) from 10pts to 20pts ), or do they have to pay the entire cost to reach the next level (20pts).


Lol did you not agree with what I said on Reddit?

I did want a second opinion; not that I didn’t agree, but the subreddit probably sees less traffic than this forum. Most of the time with D&D etc it’s pretty easy to find more than one opinion on a ruling or specific part of rules text, and that’s a big part of my decision making.