Burning a Wizards Guild/Tower.

Thr burn is about noble wizard. I purchased his tower as a 10 point house with a 20 point workshop where he could perform all of his alchemy, herbalism, appothecary, enchanting, ect. I also gave him a reputation, affiliation, and relationship within his guild/tower to have the gangs and crew option so he can have access to skilled labor and help with crafting items to enchant.
Is this legal or do I need to tweak something?

Looks pretty solid to me.

How would you maintenance check this? (I’m thinking as if it were a small business or perhaps a blacksmith.) I’m not planing on buying/using it as a business, but if the maintenance obstacle is set too high I may just have to rework into a paying business which is not my original goal.
(This combination generates Resources at B3).

Part of it is up to the idiom of magic in your game. Is magic very expensive? Does it work as a cottage industry? Ob 4 or Ob 5 seems about right to me. Ob 3 looks low; a wizard probably has more costs than a cobbler. On that note, I’d say that a tower also looks like it should be more than 10 RP to me. Unless it’s a very small living chamber atop the workshop it’s at least 15-20 RP. But being part of a guild suggests another option with all your reputations and affiliations. This is a guild with a bunch of wizards and attendants, right? You can always rent a 5 RP room in the guild’s sprawling holdings and own one of the towers and workshops therein. That sounds more like it could be Ob 3 to me: yes, wizard business is fancy business, but you’re more of a part-stakeholder than a real independent businessman.

It’s not unreasonable to have a maintenance Obs that you’re just not going to meet very much. That’s why you want marketable skills: so you can get a job when you need to pay down that tax.

I’m looking at it as more of a “Guild Tower” that my wizard would be a member of. (His resource expenditure basically was his initiation fee in character burning.) The 10 point house represents his quarters in the guild, and his reputation and affiliation represent his membership and guild mates. His relationship is with the guild master who is also a quest giver. And his Resources diminish away from the guild tower and the city in which it stands.
(I modeled it after the Mages Guild in “Morrowind”)