burning an interface till burn-out

How to restore by recycling, if starting value* is 0 ?

  • I assume starting rating and starting value is the same thing.

It can’t.

The starting rating is modified in play when your interface is damaged or mobbed. The modified number becomes your current rating. - p17

Your starting rate doesn’t change. You use it to derive your current rating. Starting rating - burn = current rating.


If both of those “two ways” just decrease “Current rating”, I don’t see the difference. (at least on character sheet)

P.S. Could we call it? It looks like a tie.

My “Rock Em Sock Em Grow Bot” has a starting rating of 2. So its current rating is also 2.

I burn it in a challenge to a rating of 1—current rating is 1.

I get my friend to repair it back to 2—current rating is equal to starting rating.

Starting rating just lets you have a way of remembering what its maximum value is, ie: the rating it had when it was created.

Does it matter if interface has same experience tag as challenge it was burned?

No that’s the beauty of burning, and also how you can use a knife tagged for cultivation in a wetworking challenge.

However, if an interface has the same experience tag, it’s not burned permanently. It will regenerate its rating at challenge’s end.

And where should I note those burned interface points that will regenerate?

at the end of challenge? I always thought that at the end of session.

End of session. Right. I haven’t read FreeMarket in a while—was going by flawed memory, which seems appropriate to the discussion somehow.

Well, let’s set aside book.
Is there any way to change “starting rating”?

Can’t trump that. Bravo!