Burning Corporal Spirits

So I’m going to be burning up a bunch of corporal spirits for a solo game with a Summoner who has access to that Order. Is there anywhere the division between minor, average, and major corporal spirits is broken down, a la the Monster Burner?

Barring that, where have y’all drawn the lines between the orders?

I’m looking at Imps, Daemonim, and Qerubim and getting a feel for how they’re different, but I’m curious if anyone has guidance.


Not sure if these will be helpful or not, but since you’re encouraged to adapt for your setting, here’s how we have it for Mauragaaqtuq

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That’s really neat! Do you have guidelines for the sorts of stats you burn these spirits with?

I love genus locii, and it’s something I think we’re going to try to incorporate.

I’m starting with “One-off NPC” guidance because none have needed fuller fleshing out, yet.

I tweak a little. I treat the dead as 4-statted-ish, and I’m giving a little bump to the Corporal spirits over that. For Minor I’m making one a 5 and one a 3. For Medium, I’m just giving a 5. For Major, I’m giving a couple 5s or a 6. Probably more important is that I throw in a Trait or more to represent what is special or weird about them.

For skills, I do a 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3 pyramid for the dead, and only fill them in if and when I need to declare them. I am bumping that tree up 1 level for Corporal.

This is all variable based on what the Summoned is supposed to be about. I’m not really concerned about balance, as our setting has a lot of weird, anyway.


I dig this–thanks for sharing.

I good rule of thumb for monstrous skills that I picked up from Death Art is skills starting 2 higher than the root, then you can tweak up or down from that sort of middle point


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