Burning Darkness

Hi… I’ve planing to create a modern setting simil to World of Darkness… I have a lot of ideas on how to adapt Werewolves, Vampires and Mages to the Burning Wheel sistem… The problem, however, apear when I think about lifepaths… the thing that a Human can be or do in the modern world are a lot! Also, I can’t figure how can i organize the setings of lifepaths… I’ve planed to desing only Mages, Vampires and Werewolfs… Any ideas on how can i organize the lifepaths?

I’ve given some thoughts to that kind of adaption (including the same name, as well as a more hunter focused one with the working title ‘A Fire in the Dark’).

I think that a more Mouseguard style character generation is probably better than life paths—particularly because of the distinct phases (especially for Vampires and Werewolves). The other way to go that I considered before reading Mouseguard was building modern human life paths and having each creature type being a sub-setting you can’t get out of. You have X number of human life paths and Y number of creature life paths. Traits govern amount of access to Resources and the like from your human life.

You’re totally right… I’ve never thought about using the Mouse Guard method… Thanks for the tip… now I can re-analyse the setting…
What stop you from doing your setting?

I didn’t have a group interested in it at the time, so I moved on to other projects.

I had a very similar idea. Converted a bunch of merits into traits. Got hung up on the WW emotional traits and getting them to work right.