Burning Discord

Hello. We are building an official Burning Wheel HQ Discord. Come and join the fun. Or maybe come and create the fun? Because right now, it is an empty chat room on a lonely MUD…


Yes! Join us! Such conversation is to be had!


For anyone new to Discord, there are also well established Discords for BW, TB, MG, and even a small M&M Discord. Bring on the variety. :fist:

I think the link Luke posted is not working I just tried to join it and it said that the invitation is expired. Can someone post it?

The Mouseguard server would be nice too :slight_smile:


@seejaie Here’s the MG specific one: Mouse Guard RPG

I’ve been trying to join the Discord and I keep getting sent to this server, which is the Burning Wheel server that has been there for awhile and might not be official.

That is not our server

Use this: Burning Wheel HQ

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When I copied the link into Discord, it said the link has expired. Is there a new one?

Discord links are set to automatically expire, so we have to re-up.

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Hi, all. Looking forward to burning and running with this system. Hoping to get into discord, but even though link is only 8 days old it is showing as expired. Additionally cannot find the server when searching (guess not public?). Could you post an updated link, or send invitation in discord, please? (Discord name Vengeful_Bunny#4049)

Here’s a link that should never expire:


Thanks, _sellanraa! Successfully joined.

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Refreshing our discord invites: