Burning Dwarven Fortress

Hi Oathsworns!

Since December '19, I started my BW campaign inspired by Dwarf Fortress video game, about founders of new Ninth Fortress called Lielivarti over Dreaming Hills - plagued with monsters and human outcasts. The campaign focuses on their first steps, from settling up an outpost and organize first industry, to their dabbling steps into politics and preparings into looming threat from Empire of the Great River from the west. Dwarven Dominant Kingdom finally woke up from the knees and almost three thousand years of recover from monstrous Southern Plague…

Three Protagonists of our story (PCs) are:

  • Grimm of Dastod lineage, “Lunarist”: Graybeard called from his heirloom axe “Luna”,
  • Thermyr, Artificeress who learns how to forge Dwarven Weapon Art into her ambition to forge the mightiest and the scariest axe ever
  • Tobul from Akur clan: happy brewer who sworn an Oath to the King to raise the tavern in Dreaming Hills which will enforce spirit of Dwarvendom!

All 4 LP characters, all RoTM lifepath builds except of Tobul (Husband/Wife between career of miller and tthe latest Brewer).

We managed to play eight session, so far I translated (from Polish) almost all session report except the latest (eighth). Below there is a convenient one link that leads to all related reports of BDF campaign. Including: session zero, Trait Vote (first) and in future - PC snapshot between “parts” of the campaign (we concluded “Prologue”).

Main Google Docs Site of BDF campaign

Provisional Map of the Known World

Keep in mind that BDF campaign was my returning point from relatively short (13 months) hiatus from RPG hobby - and BW at all. I consider myself barely “intermediate” Oathsworn here… :upside_down_face:

At your discretion or permission I will update that topic each time new entry will show up.


As I promised, the update: the eight session of BDF campaign: Here.

I also updated the Main Google Docs Site by snapshot character sheets after 8th sessions, of Player Characters.


The ninth session appears, this time the PCs tries to not mess with the royal liaision. Unfortunately they messed up!



Just wanted to say that I started reading these, and it’s an interesting campaign! I also very much appreciate the detailed descriptions of how the mechanics are engaged (how fiction drives the dice rolls). Thank you for posting it here.


I always wondered why so many session reports are actually just fan fiction based on played action, with no details on how the game actually went on (which rule applied, how dices rolls, etc.).

The tenth session of BDF campaign, now we faced a crumbling attempt to save Lielivarti’s freedom over Humans and actually witnessed some desperate decisions.


Main List of BDF campaign

We managed to play next, eleventh session in BDF campaign. So far, we introduced a new Player Character (the fourth) and we played out the construction works and consequences of those. Including fighting the giant cockroach!

Eleventh Session

Here you can find starting character sheet of a new PC

Main List of BDF campaign

12th session od BDF campaign, the Dorfs (all four) tried to make a granary and some stone manor to cowardly swaggering dvergar family. But most importantly tho, they finally arrived to human cossack large town Sich. And somebody made Dwarven Hoes!

Fiction-wise, we played almost seven months!

Twelfth Session

Main List of BDF Campaign reports