Burning Empires: Aliens

If I remember correctly, we only see three alien races in Burning Empires: the Worms, the Trolls, and the Green Dudes (like the guy with the sword). Sorry I don’t have the proper names, someone (ahem…Kudzu) has borrowed my IE comics. The Trolls and Green Dudes aren’t real aliens, though: they’re genetically engineered life forms.

But then in the BE table of contents we have the nifty listing of Pg. 590 Alien Life Form Burner.

What’s up with that? Are there other sentient races in the IE canon? Or is this strictly for burning up flora and fauna of strange worlds? I assume the ALFB is a MonBu type process?


ahem! Kerrn! ahem!

How else are your Vaylen going to genetically engineer your Ganasch and other cannon fodder? Or specialized bodies for your technicians, warriors and slave workers?

Only the wealthiest, most powerful Vaylen are eligible for the Human caste. Although volunteering (or being condemned) to join a Vaylen finger that attempts to infiltrate human space is a fast-track path to the glories and wonder of a human body. Others must make do with lesser, though potent, hosts.

Think of it as a specialized Vaylen Technology Burner. :shock:

And, it can also be used to create your non-sentient indigenous life-forms. :wink:

ahh, that all makes sense (and sounds very cool). I had forgotten about the cannon-fodder human-enveloping Vaylen!