BURNING EMPIRES compatibility w/others


I was wondering if the Burning Empires rules could work with Jihad &/or Under a Serpent Sun or do I HAVE to get Burning Wheel revised?

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There are differences in Artha earning, differences in attribute scaling (subtle, but important), differences in armor and shield mechanics, very significant differences in vehicular scale toughnesses… and there’s a whole thread on the task system differences.

None of the differences there are terribly visible.

The biggest difference is in combat. Jihad uses BWR combat, which is personal scale. BE uses a large skirmish and small unit scale. Having both really expands the options.

It’s doable, but it will be some work.

Using BE, you can create worlds analogous to Serpent Sun and Jihad, but the rules system (lifepaths, resolution, etc) has to stay BE. If you want to play the RAW for UASS or Jihad, then you need BW.


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Sorry, but what does “RAW” mean?

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Rules As Written. :cool:

I don’t recall how much of BWR the UASS supplement references, but a large amount of the skills, traits, and lifepaths in Jihad are referenced from the BW character burner, and are not to be found in BW. That’s putting aside the differences in character generation.