Burning Empires Custom Dice

Just getting into Burning Empires and was reading up on a bunch of the old BE topics when I ran across the custom dice threads. Oh wow - they look awesome!

So my question is - are there still any more of these around for purchase or was the original order only for a set amount (for only those that prepaid and such)? If there are not anymore - is there anyone that would be willing to sell me a few from their personal stock? Would there perhaps be an additional order at any point in the future?

Thanks in advance,
Todd Banister

I love my set!

They were a custom, on-time order done as a group-buy (everyone paid one person to order them, separate them into lots, and ship the lots).

If you’re willing to pay for it, you can have your own order made up at CustomDice.com or any number of other sources. They won’t be cheap in small quantities (hence the group-buy), but it’s not like they’re unattainable until someone else takes charge.

Heck, I bet you could get another group-buy organized, in this thread, if you tried. (Me, I’m holding out for an official product, so Luke et al get a cut.)

i’d probably be in for a group buy if someone were to organize it. i’d go for 20 dice. hell, i’d like some grey/white/Black BW Dice, too if someone designed them.

i wonder why three sides are blank. was it too difficult to get a worm graphic on them?

Most places charge by the side marked.

for short runs, typically it’s $0.50 to $1.50 per side marked… so 3 sides is $1.50 to $4.50 per die. And that’s for 16mm ( http://chessex.com/Dice/Custom_Dice_Home.htm ). 6 sides marked is double that.

Me, I prefer smaller dice (8mm to 10mm), and rounded corners… and the smallest size offered up for customization is 16mm.

MadJay had some pretty cool custom dice made for our BW game:


Are there 6 or 1 faces?

Looks like 6. Fire or skull; black, grey, and white shade dice.

Actually, he completely forgot to distinguish 6s or 1s. If he reads this thread he can pipe up, but I think he drilled a small divot into opposite sides for a 1 and a 6.

Pretty much, but some sites assume 6 sides in their pricing:

I don’t recall their precise pricing (search for old thread), but I do recall that they allow different colors per side for the same price. SO… one can make BE/BW with these sides:
6: Red wheel
5: Black wheel
4: Black wheel
3: Yellow wheel
2: Green wheel
1: Blank (or black/blue skull)

That makes a die set where you don’t need gray or black dice, because you can tell from the yellow and green what’s a success. You DO, however, have to make sure you distinguish which dicce you roll as gray/white versus black.

But with a group buy, I don’t think they care about die-color mixing. Anyhow… give them an email.

customdice.com only makes quotes on case-by-case basises… and a lot of theirs are paint on smooth faces.

Ink on smooth face is a source of many complaints… I wore out my Dungeon Dice. (OK, I’ve had them for 22 years, and while I hardly used them, friction in the bag wore off several faces. My battlelore dice also started peeling in a dozen plays…)

Me, I’d go with clear, bright red, a medium-light blue, or medium-light green dice, with either
6: Gold Wheel
4-5: Black Wheel,
3: Grey Wheel
2: White Wheel
1: blank
6 Black, Grey, and White flames and a border
4-5 black, grey and white flames.
3 grey and white flames
2 white flames.
1 empty.

I love mine too! They get out too seldom, though :frowning:

Fo the BE dice I went for the UK company www.dice.co.uk - very professional and reasonable prices as long as you order 200+. If you are based in Europe, I’d recommend a company from there, since shipping cost is a real issue.

We did look at a company based in Poland - forgot the name - which were even cheaper, but the quality was not quite up to speed it seemed.

Really? None of those shown on the page to which I linked are that way–they’re all etched and painted.

But whatever. I got no horse in the race–I’m waiting for official dice sets.

I would love to get hold of some BE-Custom dice, so if someone were to arrange this I would be all over it.

Meanwhile I use black, grey and white dice from chessex. I used a small drill to take away the white color in the holes for sides 1-3 on the black dice, the black color on the grey dice for sides 1-2 and the black on the white dice for side 1. It was a bit of work, but it looks good, counting successes is fast as hell and I like to have dices in the three colors. But it aint as good as counting the number of wheels I guess… :slight_smile:

Interesting and insightful idea. Out of curiosity, did you try to use solvents, first? Drilling, I’d fear, would make the dice more likely to roll the “blank” sides (because they become lighter).

Nope, no solvents. But its a good idea, will try it out next time. I started using a black marker pen, but I found that the black from it wasn’t quite the same as the dice. But I didn’t use the drill to drill a hole, just to scrape away the paint by hand, so I dont think they become significant lighter on those sides. But even so, Thor still has our successes so it doesn’t really matter. :slight_smile:

And a picture of the result: