Burning Empires for non-Iron Empires setting?

I’ve been reading the forums and looking over the scripting sheets and I gotta say that they look great!

With everything looking fantastic, is it easily possible to run a Sci-Fi game set outside of the Iron Empires canon setting?

I’ve got a generic sci-fi game floating around inside my head and it looks from where I’m sitting that FIREFIGHT as part of the system would do the trick.

Why can’t you people at least try to play the game as it was written? :roll:
Heh, gamers :wink:

And, Yes it’s possible.

Droz, I hear ya and understand. lol

I do want to run Burning Empires as written, but! I purchased Burning Wheel to run that cool fantasy game that I’ve had in my head since 7th grade. Now, if Burning Empires facilitates me running that cool sci-fi game that I’ve had in my head since 8th grade, then the deal would be done!

Runs off to pick up the PDF.

Of course, Thor and I are convinced that BE would make the best Battle Star Galactica game.

At first glance it does look like it. Are there any specific tweaks you’d recommend in order to run it Battlestar Galactica style?

At first glance it does look like it. Are there any specific tweaks you’d recommend in order to run it Battlestar Galactica style?[/quote]

Someone else is going to have to answer this. I’ve only watched two episodes.

I’m not sure there are any tweaks required at all. Burn up your world as a big star ship a la the Galactica. The Vaylen become Cylons. Hammer Assault Shuttles become Vipers.

I’m not sure there are any tweaks required at all. Burn up your world as a big star ship a la the Galactica. The Vaylen become Cylons. Hammer Assault Shuttles become Vipers.[/quote]

Ahhh… nice and simple. I shall have to keep this in mind as an option when I present the game to my group.

Well, I personally have never heard of the setting and thus know nothing about it. That makes it hard to be come up with game ideas. Perhaps after reading about the setting I’ll be more interested. Until then I’ve got other Sci-Fi settings that I’m more interested in running.

Like many others, I’m very keen on the idea of using Burning Empires to run a Star Wars game. I’ve run a D20 Star Wars game I call “Knightmares” many times for friends and at local conventions, but I have never much liked the D20 system (more like a miniatures battle game where the figures can level up). Burning Wheel rules are very tempting, but experience has shown me that converting other settings to Burning Wheel requires a lot of work and playtesting. The Agone conversion didn’t go so well. I’m hoping that Burning Empires will be much easier since it’s a Sci-Fi setting itself and perhaps, as with Battlestar Galactica, it will be a minor matter to substitute one setting for the other. Of course, my Knightmares story centers around Jedi so it’ll take some effort to get those Jedi powers converted to BE, but I think the rules of BW (and thus BE) are far and away better than D20.

Part of me would also like to take a crack at running Firestorm, but I know that virtually no one played that CCG, as awesome as it was. I’m also wondering if I can use BE to run a game based on the post-armegeddon setting of the Obsidian RPG. I expect so, but then, I may need to use BW since Demons are more likely to have grey or even White stats. I can still use Fire Fight, but have the Class IV weapons deal Grey IMS.

All this has got me thinking about a specific combat scenario that I can seen happening in both the Jedi game and Obsidian: One side using ranged weapons and the other side using melee. I suppose that would just be a Fire Fight sequence followed by a Fight sequence once the melee weilders won enough positioning tests.

At this point I’m just “thinking out loud” so I’ll be off. I think that in my case, I’m thinking about running other settings with BE, because A) I’m excited about the idea of a Sci-Fi BW game and it’s got my GM wheels turning and B) I don’t know the setting for BE like I know those other settings. It’s possible that I’ll get the BE book and love the setting and start to come up with ideas for running it instead.


I’m not sure there are any tweaks required at all. Burn up your world as a big star ship a la the Galactica. The Vaylen become Cylons. Hammer Assault Shuttles become Vipers.[/quote]

I’d totally be down for a BSG game. Of course, I was a dumbass and forgot to pre-order until it ws too late. :cry:

You’ve got some great color opportunities, too, with the effect of quarantine and regulation on the fleet. Also, don’t forget to allow maneuver objectives to change the world qualities. I won’t spoil anything here, but those of you who’ve seen the end of the second season know what I’m talking about.

I’m playing around with an idea called SPACE FUCKERS, in which every is a complete bastard (did this years ago w/ D&D – only evil alignments allowed – and it turned into on of our longest campaigns). The crimnal lifepaths would work well.

The thing is, there’s all this juicy stuff for global conflict in the rules that you end up chunking if your krewe just wants to… well, SPACE FUCKERS. You get the picture.

So I would want to at least TRY to get my krewe to run a BE game as designed, and then do SPACE FUCKERS as a sideshow once they’ve made the ruleset 2nd nature.

In fact, the more I think of it, seeing how serious, storm und drang and all that the BE will inevitably become, the more essential it is to play that for a while, to set up the lighthearted jollity of SPACE FUCKERS.

I’d like to find an excuse to write SPACE FUCKERS one more time, but I can’t think of one.

No, no, no. It’s right there in the game.

Your SPACE FUCKERS? They’re not Vaylen, but they’re on the Vaylen side. The good guys are trying to forge the world into a weapon to fight the terror, your players are opposing them not to get bodies for their thousand children, but for personal power, drugs, because they love watching Mukhadish laboring in hideous conditions.

And fuck criminal LPs. Criminal LPs are for people with few choices who want to survive and have a life. You want power, real power. That’s what scumbags like.

Then at the end, you get to make a choice, collectively. Do your players get hulled? Or do they make it out, just ahead of the worm fleets, to spin a lie of brave resistance and a last-minute escape on the next world?

Zab: FUCK YEAH! I’d play that!

Heh. Mebbe I should have said SPACE fuckers, small text… Meaning that the tone was not too dissimilar from a game of Kobolds Ate My Baby.

Though it must be said, one of my players invariably tries to, if not take over the world, then certainly drag it with him into his own personal hell.

How nice to provide him with the ruleset to do just that…


BTW, Luke…

Looks abso fucking beautiful. Don’t like reading from screens that much, so the next month is going to go by VERY slowly for me.

I think it would be great for running Warhammer 40,000. All of the key elements are in place. Actually, that’s how I’ve been explaining what the game is like.

Only if you make an “Acid Spit” mandatory trait for Space Marines.

Damn, you Thor… I can really see that working. The only thing is that Cylon’s dont need human bodies. So that changes things some, but overall it’s the same struggle, does human life continue, or is it replaced with Cylon’s.

Also there are only so many Human Cylon type’s but I can see that being fine. What I would really want a way to setup a scene where a person has been accused of being a Cylon and is denying it, then the next scene there duplicate is activated. I want that sence of betrayal. :twisted:

Also I have no idea how you would run with a PC being a covert Cylon. aka just how would you do Sharon?

Sigh, <Explicit Deleted> Thor now you have done it, guess I need to find more players… :evil: and to think i really wanted to run BE as it is, I am just waiting to receive the graphic novels, so that I can show off the source fiction.