Burning Empires Gold

I was reading my copy of TBW Gold having in mind to adapt it to the Star Wars setting when I realised that there already exists a futuristic setting that uses the Burning Wheel mechanics, Burning Empires.

Since I find the Iron Empires setting very nice, I could adopt it instead of creating the lifepaths and so for star wars, but then, I have a question.

Is Burning Empires based on Burning Wheel Revised edition? or on an older edition? Are there any plans to update it to the gold edition of Burning Wheel? Note that I don’t have a copy of Burning Wheel revised, which means I don’t know how different the two editions are.


Burning Empires is a complete game in its own right that uses mechanics that while similar to BW, are independent of any specific version of BW.

Also, you’ll find a slew of Star Wars lifepaths on the wiki. Not my best work, though.

You need to check the comparison page on the wiki. It will show you some of the very important differences between BW and BE.

Thank you guys.
I will head to the wiki then.
@stormsweeper: Do you have the lifepaths in a file you would share with me?


You’ll find some other stuff on the wiki too in the way of SW.


I’d massage those lifepaths into BWG shape and then run with Gold and not try to do it with Burning Empires. Burning Empires really is designed to play one type of game (the planetary invasion game) and has a scene budget and macro scale systems to support that. It’s my favourite of the BWHQ games but I think taking Burning Wheel and subbing in some space opera for the fantasy would be easier and more rewarding than taking Burning Empires and trying to cut out all of the Infection stuff.

Oh, and the BW/BE/MG comparison page: http://www.burningwheel.org/wiki/index.php?title=Burning_Game_Comparisons. It was written when BWR was the current Burning Wheel edition but I don’t see any glaring issues when applying it to Gold.

Thanks for the replies