Burning Empires PDF errata

I have just started a BE game with 3 players. We are separated by thousand of miles, so two of them have bought the PDF from DriveThruRPG. I was lucky to play my first game with Jonathan (gooderguy), who is much more aware of the discussions on the forums. I noted one problem with the PDF in my review on DriveThru, that the pictures kept having weird artifacts around the text (which is a shame because the art is great).

I keep noticing problems in the PDF, and had a conversation with one of the players last night over some misunderstandings. These are not going to be an exhaustive errata, just my notes as a GM as I run my first game of BE.

page 429; The Scene Squeeze - The PDF states that each PC and GM character gets one color, one interstitial, and either one conflict or one building scene.
As I understand, both PC and GM characters get one color, one interstitial, and either three building scenes or one conflict.

page 639, Index - The entry for I Corner Him And Stab Him In The Face! does not have the page number for that section.

Page 429 – that is incorrect. You get either one conflict or one builder. The builder consists of one to three related rolls.


Aaaah! My confusion between “roll” and “scene”. Well, as I go on I’m afraid a lot of this will be nit-picky, but it can’t hurt to examine the book in its details.

page 638, Index - “Grenades” entry appears twice