Burning Empires Preorder Update

Hello, hello. I thought I’d let you all know how things are moving along behind the scenes with the preorders.

I spoke with Dark Horse and ordered the graphic novels today. Hopefully, I’ll have them in by the end of the week.

I saw the proof the t-shirt today and, unfortunately, had to make corrections. So they won’t arrive before the end of August.

And last, but not leastly, the books are due to arrive in Ohio on August 6th. That’s a week before Gencon. If this really does happen, I’ll do my damndest to get out some of the preorders before the con. The illustrated editions will NOT be ready before Gencon no matter what.

thanks all for your support and patience,

No no,

Thank you Luke!!!

:smiley: I guess this means for for those of us that ordered the graphic novels separately will soon have them in our greedy hands…

Oh, will the graphic novels be numbered? :wink: