Burning Empires review on YouTube


Pretty typical, I think.

Interesting. He does seem to understand Burning Empires and what it’s going for. He had a lot of positive thing to say, too. What I don’t get, however–and this is the same problem I had with the recent RPG.net thread–is all these people who read a game and then give their opinion (or just give up) without even playing it.

Kurt Wiegel takes himself to be a serious reviewer, but there’s limited value in a review that doesn’t playtest the game about which it is discussing.

Thanks for posting this, Mike. I’ve been waiting for it.

Please comment!

Also, no one’s started an rpg.net thread about it yet, either. If anyone’s feeling brave, I’d really appreciate it.


heh - yeah, I thought that was a little strange too.

I keep trying to comment, but youtube has been acting up in regards to allowing me to comment lately. Not sure what the issue is. Edit: Ah, it was because I’m logged into youtube proper, not the Canadian version.

De nada. For ethical reasons I’m staying out of the reviewing game for BE, but that doesn’t mean I’m not following most of the buzz on both sides.

Okay, honestly, that was the weirdest review I’ve ever seen. How many times can he say “I just don’t get it?” I’d be embarrassed to admit, repeatedly, on camera, that I was a pinhead…


The fear and discomfort he displayed were really interesting.

Yeah, I’m super curious why he even bothered reviewing it. I plan on asking him directly.

Definitely the strangest review I’ve ever received. And I did not supply him with a review copy or anything.


also, the thread is on!



Good times. Let’s see just how fast the hyenas jump on my zebra.


Yeah, why did he even bother to review it? It helps no one to say “I don’t get it” but not explain which parts he didn’t get. Still, I gave him 5 stars just for mentioning BE!

you go, Paul! Nice job!

He. Reading his last post, one might get the impression that railroading and BE don’t go together very well. :rolleyes:

Hilariously tragic.

Pure truth. Together we have also passed the resolution that they are officially verboten from going anywhere near Polaris, lest bad things happen.

Perhaps I’m finally going to do that short write-up of my first three games of BW for the “Playing BW & BE” corner.

Unfortunately I think I’m just not that good at stirring the hornet’s nest. There’s just so little at stake, when you come right down to it.

The nerdrage that gets stirred up over the stupidest shit…frankly I’m embarrassed for the hobby.


So I don’t know anything about Burning Empires, and I’m not sure I know that much more after the “review”. I appreciate that the guy tries to keep it short, but could he at least tell me something specific about the game?

When’s Kurt Wiegel planning to chime in on the RPG.net? I keep reading along, waiting for him to address the criticisms.

Me too.

Kurt posted an edited post:

That’s it. According to that post, he doesn’t seem happy with the thread.