[Burning Empires] What's the distinction between Affiliations and Reputations?

I basically understand the definitions of Affiliations and Reputations, but they seem to blur a bit at the places where they connect. I’ll be specific.

I’m burning up a Kerrn who’s among the leading Oprvraeta in a gas giant world where the cities are kept aloft by giant antigrav engines. The Kerrn Diazspherah faction represents the only group with the knowledge to keep the antigrav running but because of the highly stratified social structure they’re still second class citizens at best. As such my character is not only one of the elite technicians, he’s also a social leader that’s aggressively pushing for better life conditions and entitlements for the Kerrn.

I am planning to take a 2D Affiliation with the Kerrn Diazspherah and a 2D Reputation as a Fiery Revolutionary. But to hold the position I described above, do I strictly need both? Both Affiliation and Reputation talk about provifing influence in the chosen group. Would the Affiliation alone make him a social leader? Would the Reputation alone let him draw on the Kerrn population for support? And what would having both give me that having only one or the other doesn’t?

Affiliations represent the power of a group.

Reputations represent your power within a group.

So based on your character concept, you need both.