Burning Empires Wiki

The Burning Empires Wiki is now ready to receive data. We don’t have templates done yet (like we do for BW’s wiki), but we’ll work on that in the next few weeks.

Please post your worlds, tech and figures of note!



is there an easier way to access the wiki? ( I have it in the browser memory so not too big of a problem…)

I know there is not much new there, but the sheets that Thor(?) made up are soo helpful…

Also: is there a way we could get a Character sheet that does not blow up my printer? I don’t know what the problem is, but my print driver hates the character sheet. I had to print screen and paste it into Paint to get a printed copy! it looks terrible now.

I will be copying user accounts over between the Burning Wheel Wiki and the Burning Empires Wiki at some point this week. If you’re about to create a BEWiki account and have a BWWiki account, wait a few days, please!

Aye aye… you caught me just in time. The only reason I didn’t earlier this morning is that my boss got to me first!