Burning Hooves - Centaurs for Burning Wheel

Three Societies, Five Settings, Two Subsettings, an Estimated 180+ Lifepaths. 10 new skills, 7 magical Invocations, 1 Emotional Attribute.

Why did I do this much work? A) Read the story, it’s in the attributions and rambles and B) Because I’m apparently incapable of doing half measures.

You can contact me via Email at diestormlie@gmail.com or via Discord (@Diestormlie#5367.) Check out the Burning Wheel Discord as well! (Disclaimer: I’m a mod there. And I’ve only abused my powers once!


Nice! Glad my sling material helped you out lol

Though I did work mine up from the Throwing-Weapon DoF you had for them. Slings stronk! (With a lot of practice.)

Wow! This is great.
I’d commit more to their common traits, though. Give them a couple of unique qualities that are represented mechanically.

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I would have loved to add more stuff, but I couldn’t think of much more. Maybe just “Long limbed” as a Character Trait?

This is already so amazing! Thank you for sharing your hard work :smiley:
Will this thread be a good place to follow along for updates?



I’m happy you like it! I add in little bit here and there. A few LPs, a few changes, a new trait. Those I’ve added in without ceremony.

If I get my teeth in to a big addition, I’ll definitely re-release Burning Hooves as a 2.0 Release (like I did for my other supplement, Burning Powder, currently on 3.01 or nearabouts.)

But really, Burning Hooves is essentially done. It adequately mirrors the Societies I invisage my Centaurs constructing for themselves. The next thing I’d write for them would probably be more stuff, which is contrary to how BW operates.

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