Burning/Iron Empires

Now that I’ve got a little Burning Wheel experience under my belt, I’m wondering if I should check out Burning Empires.

My only real concern is about Iron Empires. How necessary do people think it is to have any foreknowledge about the setting? Should I check out the book(s?) first to see what I think? Or is BE done in such a way that everything I need to know is included?


You don’t need to know the comics at all. In fact it may be detrimental to grasping the open-ended potential of the game.

You get setting details doled out to you in an interesting and potentially frustrating way via the world burner and character burner. Once you’ve done both you’ll have about 70% of the setting under your belt. Read the traits and skills lists and glance through the technology burner and you’ll have pretty much all of it.


Awesome. Thanks. I’m looking forward to getting BE and having a new game to learn between semesters :slight_smile: