Burning Life from Clay

One of my new players has said that he’d like to play a character that is a recently-sentient golem. I love the concept and I’d like to make it work in the rules. I’ve been wondering how to approach character creation in a fairly balanced way.

One concept I had was to ask him some questions like “Who created you? What is the reason for your creation? Are there more golems like you or are you unique?”, and based on those (and likely other questions), I’d make a set of skills and traits, and some number of resource points, and basically dictate some on-the-fly “lifepaths” to him.

Another would be to take his answers and make some stats, traits, and skills by fiat, with a few general points, but I feel like that takes away too much control from him during the creation process.

I’ve also thought about the “ensouling” process for making him aware - I think it will be just that, literally. He will receive the soul of another creature, and I’ll dictate a trait and maybe a skill - perhaps some relationships.

What do you guys think?


This might help.

Death Art and Homunculus rules in the Magic Burner might also help.

Thanks for the tips! The wheel-forged look very much like the idea I was brainstorming.

Hum, I just bought the AdBu. I guess this is my excuse to go get Magic too :wink:

If he’s relatively weak-willed and unwise in the ways of the world, using trolls (tossing out bits like turning to stone in the sun) might be a good starting point. They’re big and strong and relatively clueless.

In addition to the stuff mentioned, The Monster Burner is your guide to creating characters this way, specifically the 100 Questions section.

Everything I did for the Wheel-forged was reading the Monster Burner and thinking about Mouse Guard chargen. I wanted Monster Burning with choices.

I ended up using a very slight tweak on the wheel-forged rules. My player is quite happy, and we’ve got some great hooks :slight_smile:

I’d love to hear your tweaks and would love to hear the hooks and/or hear more about the character.

I haven’t gotten to play with the Wheel Forged rules yet.

The main tweak is that we replaced “coal-eater” with “Blood Drinker” - He has runnels across his body, and runs off absorbed blood; he’s a war golem. I’ll post hits BITs later when I can get to it, but off the top of my head it’s something like:


  • I won’t be used as a weapon of aggression again
  • I want to stop the war, so I’ll find out what caused it
  • (I forget)


  • Always escalate verbal conflict to physical
  • (forgot)
  • (forgot)

That instinct is a doozy if he’s got any companions. Let the wookie win!

I love how the instinct contradicts the beliefs. That is nifty.

They don’t conflict. Choosing to wade into combat isn’t he same as being used as a weapon. I see the belief as more of a qualification of his willingness to obey or follow anyone else.

I like the potential for them to conflict, making the player choose between two important ideas. Its exciting stuff.