Burning Midnight Blog

So, I’m getting ready to participate in my first Burning Wheel campaign. To that end I’ve created a website to blog my experiences. Here it is: http://dorkrage.blogspot.com/. Any advice on BW, blogging, or the Midnight RPG would be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

As always, for any group new to BW, start with the Hub and Spokes and leave the Rim for later… but I think Irminsul’s got that, and the other standard advice.

I’m no Midnight expert, but I’d have some concern about a game with a foregone conclusion. “Slow, inevitable march of the shadow” doesn’t grab me as a game concept; futility isn’t especially fun. Your table may disagree, and then it’s fine, but make sure you hammer out expectations on tone and possibilities beforehand so no one feels completely disempowered and disconnected from the game. And that’s pretty different from the basic idea of Midnight, which is that evil has already won but you can maybe do something to salvage or free some part of it. Right?

Make sure you have a really solid, meaty starting situation. That sounds like GM advice, but it’s really advice for the whole group to get together before making characters or doing anything and deciding what the immediate problem is and what the expectations of the characters’ roles are. Peasant-slaves scratching out a meager existence and trying to survive under the yoke of evil is one thing. Those slaves revolting is another. And it’s an entirely different third thing if you’re playing knights and wizards who are rallying the peasant rabble to fight the overlords. Getting these expectations straight beforehand will save a lot of heartache later.

Great advice, Wayferer. Thanks. We are setting aside the entirety of the first meeting for character burning and campaign background. We’ll certainly talk about expectations and tone then.

You could check this for inspiration/advice…


Keep us posted on your foray into Midnight. Best of luck against Izrador and his minions… :slight_smile: