burning my first character

I am burning my first character to see how the system works for my players and I ran into a couple of questions.

with skills the first and sometimes second skills are required and purchased for 1 pt. then each additional skill is unlocked for 1pt each and 1/2 of the controlling stat. as long as it is on your lifepaths. general is just that go ahead and pick what you want though. am I figuring this right?

also with that same thought in mind do traits work the same way? so I have to take the first one but if I had a lp that gave me 2pts with only 1 trait would I then be able to pick a trait from a different lifepath that may have only given me 1 pt with multiple options for the 1 pt or do I have to pay the full value for it?

I believe you’ve got it.

Skill points: Your lifepaths will give you two kinds of skill points–general points (usually from a born lifepath) and lifepath points. The lifepath points can be spent only on skills listed in the lifepath descriptions; the general points can be spent on any skills. All skills open at half of the root stat, rounded down.

Trait points: Traits associated with a lifepath cost one trait point. Other traits can be bought, but cost the number of trait points listed in their descriptions.

EDIT: It’s worth noting that beyond the required skills and traits, your total skill points and trait points can be spent on anything to which you have access. The points you receive from a lifepath don’t need to be spent on the skills and traits within that lifepath.

Yep, that’s about it. I find it easiest in character burning to simply total how many lifepath skill points I have, what skills are on the lifepaths and which ones are required. Like Daniel said, points from a given Lifepath don’t have to be spent on skills from that Lifepath. Traits work the same way.