Burning Rebellion

Hello all! I just recently downloaded Burning Empire off the Internetsz. Tonight Ye Olde Group and I played our first session. Just FYI we aren’t playing core BE. We are playing the Star Wars version of BE. Basically all we’re doing is replacing the Vaylen with the Rebellion, modifying a few skills/traits, and going from there. Anywhoo…

So we played about two hours. It was really more of an fairly elaborate test of the game system than an actual play session. We finished burning up our characters (an independant smuggler, a minor crime boss in the Hutt cartel, and a reformed Stormtrooper), and fooled around with the scene/manuever mechanics. This Sunday we’re going to try to have a full-fledged game and either get a Firefight or a Duel of Wits going.

Even though we had really no idea what we were doing it was great fun. The enforced relationships w/one another, and enemy FoNs instantly put us in the action. We had a few color scenes, two interstitials, some building, and one conflict scene that ended up with the minor Hutt crime boss wounded and running for his life. My favorite part was when the smuggler, Victor, and an Imperial FoN (General Mathix) had their interstitial. The role-playing came so naturally it seemed preplanned!

Anyway, so far I am really happy with Burning Empires.

The Rebellion as the Vaylen!? Your group is a tough crowd!

Tough crowd? Do you think it will be more difficult for them as the Vaylen/Rebellion than as the Humans/Empire?


I think he was referring to you casting the rebellion as the bad guys.

Anyways, sounds cool - I’d like to know how it turns out; I’d been pondering a similar thing (but with the players as the rebellion).

Oh the players are Rebels. I’m just associating the Rebels with the Vaylen in BE because both groups covertly infiltrate planets for takeover. The Empire’s idea of an ‘Infiltration’ would be a couple Star Destroyers and a few stormtrooper legions.

Yes, that’s it. It makes sense mechanically. Keep us posted on how it goes!

Will do.