Burning Redwall

How about adding the abbey of Redwall from Brian Jacques’ books? I think it would be great fun!

I love the Redwall series (obviously…) and it is a great inspiration for MG, but the inclusion of the non-mice races would make it hard to do a straight port. It would be fun to use MG to run a Redwall game, allowing for characters of all races. Nature and traits would need to be added or changed to fit with the multiple race PCs, but I don’t think it would take too much effort. Balancing the larger races would probably be the hardest part.

I found Redwall’s morality fairly sickening and its use of evil races of animals as a metaphor for horrendous racism.

Nothing personal, I just have no love for those books, despite really enjoying the first two.

There would need to be rules about food; reading those books always made me hungry.

Wow, see and I never got that feel from reading the books, is there something in particular that leads you to see underlying racism in the books?

I always just saw it as a little bit of a Superman-ish feel, where the good guys are good and smart and peace loving, and the bad guys are easily tricked, war mongering villains. Nothing but good ol’ sappy b&w morality.

There was one book, 3 or 4 in, where a stoat or a weasel had been adopted by the good folk of Redwall and in the end, the “bad” animal turned against the Redwall folk and turned traitor because it was just “in his blood” to do so. I don’t remember the specifics but it just honked me right off.

What I like about Mouse Guard is that the guard-mice have to make tough decisions and live with the consequences. That is what the game is about to me and Redwall doesn’t have that in it.

Anyway, sorry, I am pooping all over your thread. My apologies.