Burning Relationships

We’re getting ready for a BE game to start next week. One of the Pc FON’s is
a crimelord and his daughter is on the other side of the fight.

Does the player burn up the Crimelord’s daughter with the 2 fewer LPs thing?

Do I burn up the daugher with whatever strikes my fancy, so I can fuck with him?

Or does she remain unburnt?

The books says I burn the GM FON’s but nothing else (unless they have aides de camp etc.)

So how I do it (and I think this is canon - no doubt BWHQ will confirm or deny this)…

If she is a relationship then the player burns that chararcer at lower LPs.

Here’s the part that we do that I don’t think is in the rules:
If the character is circled up succefully then the player burns up the new NPC.
If the character has emnity due to a failed circles test then I burn them up.

Sometimes a circles test doesn’t tell you enough to warrant a fully fleshed out character, then write the pertinent parts down until the character has more flesh on her bones. If you want any specifics on the NPC then I suggest circling up the same NPC in a race for control over it.

Again, this is for circles. Relationships bought in the beginning should be handled by the players.


  • Don

No, you don’t burn up people who you Circles up, unless you Circles them enough times that they become a relationship. Circles’d people just get the skills appropriate to their LP, at an appropriate exponent.


Unless the relationship character is a second-in-command or bodyguard-type, you do not have to burn her up.

The player hands control of her over to you at the start of the game. You can burn her up if you’d like. If a player is finished burning his FoN before the other players are done, I encourage him to burn up relationship characters. Deliverator and Gooderguy were really nice about this and provided me with some great characters to use against them.


If the player or I burn her up then do they follow the -2LP restriction like for bodyguards and seconds in command? Or does it matter that much?

Yeah, it’s pretty easy to burn up uncomplicated specialists but the good players (in my opinion) will burn up characters that will feed the story with some depth.

I tend to burn characters that the players want to see again and again. It’s not in the rules but i tend to write their beliefs (or let the players do so) - maybe one belief per circle roll up to three - based on success and failure. Failure indicates that the emnity clause would be in effect and the belief should reflect that. not every circled character, mind you, just ones that I know they want to make important parts of the story.

Trevis, she’s not a subordinate – she’s not directly under the control of the player – therefore, she’s all yours. You may burn according to your discretion. :slight_smile:

Hey Luke,

That is exactly the information I wanted. :slight_smile: