Burning Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Early Industrial Eras

Hey everyone, new to the forum and fairly new to Bunring Wheel. I looked through the forums as much as o could to see if anyone had discussed this previously, as far as my research went I couldn’t find anything (if I am wrong please enlighten me and point me in the right direction)

I have been really wanting to start a long running campaign that takes place during the ages after the middle ones and would love some pointers and help in making new lifepaths and setting to reflect those times, do any of you fine folks could help me out by pointing out some resources to aid me in this endeavor. Thanks

I made a similar post over here

but I can extract the links that I found helpful.




TL;DR: The setting of BW is baked into the lifepath system. Anytime you go about making new lifepaths you are very much making a new game whole. It’s better to work with the existing lifepaths, and create new ones on a need only basis. This may require bringing players to the table who have a good grasp on Early Modern lifestyles already.

I play in a different setting than the original one. I suggest just using them and find something similar to what you are looking for. You can trade different/new kinds of skills if more applicable.

Thank you guys a lot, I figured I would use the original settings, but with the rising middle class during the time I figured a few new lifepaths would arise, just not familiar enough with the time period to nail them down. But the links and the advice really has eased the concern.