Burning Republic

Hello, I’m posting a link to my solo campaign Actual Play. The experiment’s just in its fourth session and I’d be very happy to receive any feedback.
It’s definetly a good practice for GMing and thinking about failure consequences.

Burning Republic


Ouh, nice! I’m currently trying to get solo working for me as well but only with a single character. Mostly because I only have time for short sessions in unconventional times of the day. ^^’ I’m always interested in others experiences. I haven’t read through all available sessions yet but I will come back for the rest later.

Rules wise I noticed a few stats helping skills (stats may only help stats, skills may help stats and skills p.36) and personally I would try to be a bit more specific when it comes to failures of tests that where taken “carefully”. I’m not sure if the careful steel test is kosher. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to get more oompf out of your enchanter I recommend this post by Luke. As a jeweler you will think twice before accepting to be part of “an experiment with your nimble trait”. diabolic laughter

I’ll try to keep up!

Thanks for reading and you precious suggestions Kai!

I actually think using a single character could be much easier to manage. That was the original idea, but I realised that in this kind of sandbox setting the NPCs would quickly take a considrable space in the story, needing a full burn.

I checked about the stats helping skills and I found that I actually only did that in beginner’s luck tests, which are based on stats. Is that a wrong ruling?

I agree on the fact that working carefully on a Steel test doesn’t make much sense :sweat:, i failed anyway! Need to re-read the Steel rules

Luke’s post about Enchanting is super interesting. I understand that the jeweller should have died or at least become normally dextrous. That would have probably made for a more interesting scene!

Thank you!

Helping BL with stats is cool. I thought that I’ve seen a case where perception helped with an observation test or so. But I could have missed that it was BL. Sorry. ^^
If you ever want to play with a single character give him/her a competent and loyal friend/mentor for helping with tests AND provide tests where your character can help. Lone wolfs really struggle to open new and advance old skills.

Oh you were absolutely right! It actually was a BL test, I had forgot to note it down, thanks.

I appreciate that suggestion about having a powerful ally in single character mode, i will consider it as the game evolves :slight_smile:

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