Burning Scrolls (?)

Has anyone else had any luck attempting to do an elder scrolls burn?
It’s not the world setting as that’s pretty easy (and quite good for most game mechanics), the trouble seem to be with the races.
I tried to just use the Etharchs for High Elves, The Citadel for Chimer, the Wilder for Bosmer, Dwarves were Dwarves, Orcs were Orcs and Roden became Kajiit, (I had no clue on what to do with Argonians) Humans just got traits to show their bloodlines.
It all looked great on paper but fell apart in playtesting so I shelved the idea thinking I might just need more experience with gold and how to properly use the monster burner to build different races and their lifepaths.
In my notes it seems that the lack of a universal magic system was one of the problems, quickly followed by the gifted requirement, and the need to change elven lifepaths to not be so tolkienesque. It quickly became evident that every small change rippled throughout the system and that I needed more experience. So here I am looking through old notes and wondering if anyone’s had more luck than I in doing an elder scrolls burn?