Burning Steel: Enhanced Combat using The Riddle of Steel and TFOB

I should start by confessing I stole the name from a post by Luke, so it has to be a good idea for a conversion! I have read through the other threads that discussed the conversion of TROS combat for BW. They are not really what I am looking for as they seem to bring in TN’s or take combat from BW and inject it into TROS. Attached are two documents I’ve slaved over to create what is hopefully what other players and GM’s will see as a godsend. I made an effort to make it a little more survivable than TROS as well, though one could change some numbers and get the blood opera started again.

Burning Steel
Damage Tables & Weapons

I can already see some formatting was messed up when putting these in Google Docs. I did not turn commenting on for the documents as I would prefer the thread to be the main discussion. Much obliged for any constructive thoughts as this is my first attempt at a conversion.

I’ve only given it a cursory look so far, but holy fuck. That’s a lot of work, and something I tried to do but gave up on.

Have you playtested it?

I’m not one to laugh out loud often while on the computer but well played mykelesss. I have not playtested it yet. I’m not actually a GM and my group is struggling to get the feel of BWG. So I don’t want to spring this on them yet. I had hoped others on the forum would be game for being guinea pigs…

Cannot open the document.

Well we can’t have that. Here are links for dropbox with updated files, including an excel character assistant I have a fair amount done on.
Burning Steel Conversion Rules
Burningh Steel Damage Tables & Weapons
Burning Steel Character
I’m also going to post this on some other sites, links to follow if I can think of some better places to post.

Sorry I’m late to this thread–haven’t been on BW forums for awhile. I have played and run tons of TRoS and BW, so this thread is of great interest to me. I will try to give this a try sometime soon, though my gaming schedule is very full ATM. Looks great though!


I look forward to your feedback, I am going to hammer out the dual weapon section this week probably and will then update accordingly.
EDIT: Double Attack rules are now articulated, looking forward to any feedback as I have everything that I wanted to include. Though I imagine I missed a thing or two that is important. I’d like to have examples included to circumvent some of my wordiness though I’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible.

I grabbed the doc but haven’t had a chance to review. I’m completely unfamiliar with TroS. Should be an interesting read

Very fine conversion from the first look I gave it.
I tried something similar in the past.
Actually, there are some thing in TRoS melee combat which I do prefer over BW (Proficiencies, Maneuvers, Combat Pools) and some other I prefer the BW way (Wounds, Armor).
If I was to do a similar conversion myself, I think I would sticked to BW core rules for handling injuries and armor, and simply substituted the FIght! sequence with TRoS exchanges. I am still thinking about…
Anyway, great work!