[Burning Thac0] Second Edition/Gold Edition

So, are you people playing Burning Thac0 lately? Because I think the document is a little old now. Would you be interested in a second edition of the PDF? I am working on it right now, re editing the thing to make it appear closer to the game official documents, and I’m planning to add new text to the final version, such as new monsters, new magic items and new tips on how to play. I hope the original authors do not mind. My intention is not rewrite any of the contents, but add new data and art, using decoration from the sample Burning Wheel Revised PDFs, character sheets and such.

This could be the new first page:

So, if you think it’s OK and want to see this thing completed, I would like you to tell me what topics or comments in the forum would you like to see added to the document. To begin with, in the first edition there are lifepath advice for making human characters only. How about adding for elves and dwarves also?

I hope you feel that this is a good idea. If you think is not, I would like to hear why.

I think a good start would be contacting Ghashanaga directly, since he put version 1.0 together. I have his email address if you don’t get any luck contacting him through the forums.

In general these things are in pretty weird territory. Ghashanaga arranged for original art for Burning THAC0 1.0, and there’s a lot of him in it; though I think he worked exclusively from forum content written by others.

Luke’s the clear owner of the art from previous BW publications, so that’s up to him.

Yes. Thanks for the advice. I will contact him, and I hope Luke does not mind that I stole his art. (If he thinks this is inappropriate, I will have to find a way to making that this thing look good with original art.)

I am VERY interested in this !

What are the main changes and adaptation you think should be made to accomodate Burning Thac0 to the Gold Edition ?

I’m not sure which things should be changed yet, but we need a lot of new spells and magic items, more monsters and maybe some lists of Beliefs and Instints you can pick and use, some Grab an Adventure (as Grab a Campaign) examples, and maybe new advices. I would like this document to be a complete resource to keep next to your copy of BW.

Could someone tell me what this is, exactly? So this really existed once before? I mean, I see what it says on the cover, but I guess I want some specifics? It sure sounds cool!

Some time ago, BWHQ floated the idea of ‘Burning THAC0’ - using Burning Wheel to play out old D&D modules. Much was said on the subject over the following years (for example, D&D modules usually contain what would be, to BW characters, lethal numbers of combat encounters), and Ara Kooser (Ghashsnaga) collected up what he could and edited into a PDF which is available on the wiki.

Man, post was devoured like so many hands in the Green Face Devil. Sigh

I claim no ownership to the document in question!!! :slight_smile: BW THACO only existed because everyone here was cool with me grabbing their posts and doing some slight editing. I wanted to do an update but I lack the skills!! and time now do to a PhD program.

So if you go at it:

  1. It really needs some good typography and editing and font choice!
  2. The monsters section needs to be expand and the magic items
  3. Several really good examples of how to tear apart a D&D module into a BW game
  4. A lot of the material is covered in the Adventure Burner so you may want to check in to make sure we aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes :slight_smile:


That is something I happen to be good at. My writing skills aren’t up to professional levels or anything, but I’d be happy to help and give it a go.

This would be really awesome. The original Burning THAC0 pdf is really great resource on the differences between a traditional D&D game and a Burning Wheel game. Really, really useful, especially for a beginner like me. More examples would make it even more awesome.