Burning Thrones

I am just starting a new Burning Wheel campaign based on ASOIAF called Burning Thrones.

The starting situation idea is:

“It has been 7 generations since the rule of the Crippled King. Now long dead the great kingdom of Westeros has fallen to tatters, and a new Dark Age of magic and chaos is dawning. One the lord of the Trident has decided that he should be king of far more, and has recognised the land between the Red Fork and Blue Fork as his, what happens now in this disputed land between the new lords and the existing inhabitants is up to you.”

I am trying to keep things relatively simple by not completely rebuilding all the lifepaths etc for the setting but just renaming. Also trying to keep the supernatural to the whispered tales of folklore or highly specific specialists who know it to be true (like Alchemists or Maesters).

Trait Example

Maesters Chain:
The intensive training of the Maesters is an honor and your chain is the badge of membership to that organisation. This trait grants a 1D affiliation with the Maesters.
This trait be added to over time with specalised links of special metals (Maester Links).

  • black iron - signifying ravenry
  • brass
  • Bronze - likely signifying astronomy
  • copper
  • yellow gold - signifying math and economics
  • Iron - signifying warcraft
  • Lead
  • Pewter
  • Platinum
  • red gold
  • Silver - signifying medicine, healing, and the functions of the body
  • Steel
  • Tin
  • Valyrian steel - signifying the higher mysteries
    These act as call-on traits for -wises related to that link. For example, a link of Black Iron could be used as a call on for Raven-wise, Animal Husbandry (for Ravens), etc.

Anyway if anyone is interested in helping with the hack or can give any advice that would be awesome.

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