Burning Traveller

Has anyone done any work on this?

Traveller’s character generation system is quite like BW’s life path approach, and Traveller is also a game that has traditionally emphasised social standing and knowledge over shall we say cruder models of character “advancement”.

I think that a BW approach to Marc Miller’s TU would be a really interesting project.

Burning Empires has SciFi Lifepaths. I’m trying to do a few similar things for a world slightly less feudal, but I’m finding the more open and less feudal the worlds, the less BW lifepaths work.

If you’re going to use BE lifepaths, make sure to port over the rest of the character creation rules to make circles and resources work. Do not though that Burning Empires is set in a reasonably feudal society, even though it’s space fairing.

There are some Star Wars LPs on the wiki. You might be able to pull some settings from there. Only one is Jedi-centric.

So I think the life paths for BW/Traveller could be lifted more or less straight from Classic Traveller.

The World Classification rules give birth places and background ideas, like Agricultural World for example, or Industrial World; then the Traveller careers could readily be adapted to the LP system.

A character might look something like this:

Ag World born 18 years
Imperial Marines (2 terms) 8 years

Material and cash benefits adapt well to resources & circles could be influenced by final rank in the service (bought with resource points and maybe influenced by the number of terms).