Burning Vaylen with a past

In my game, I’m creating a Vaylen NPC who took the body of one of the PCs former lover. The NPC happened to be a powerful Anvil Lord who was captured and hulled after the final battle in the defense of his planet. The PC believes he betrayed the planet to the Vaylen, and failed her personally.

What I want to do is merge the Vaylen (the Meshhen Naiven, actually - he has a story of his own) and the Human characters into one. What is the best approach - create both characters separately and use the rules for Jumping Bodies in Play (p.196) to merge them? Or is there another method I’m not aware of? Thanks.

When in doubt in BE or BW, keep it simple:

Make a Messhen Naiven with Human and Vaylen LPs. Be sure to take the Captain LP. And then just fill in the rest with background color.


Thanks, that makes sense. I guess I was too fixated on translating my concept of that NPC into numbers, when they’re really secondary to his beliefs and instincts.

As a follow up, I noticed that there seems to be no easy way to burn up a Vaylen character with the Iron Trained trait unless you have the five trait points spare, which is unlikely. Was that a deliberate design decision, an omission, or something about the setting that I don’t know (I’ve ordered the comics, but they haven’t arrived yet). It just seems odd, considering Vaylen Commanders can recieve the Corvus and Crucis trait for one point on that LP, yet not Iron Trained.

Charlie don’t surf and Vaylen don’t wear iron.

It’s vital to the very core concept of BE that Vaylen don’t get Iron Trained as native trait. However, check out the rules for Vaylen Infestation.


I assume you’re talking about the rule that allows Vaylen to buy Human lifepath traits in later phases of the campaign? If so, it won’t apply in my game, as we’re going to start in the Infiltration phase. Not that I really care now that I know it’s anathema.

I would like to know why the worms aren’t iron jocks. Is there a section of the rules I’ve missed that explain why, or does the truth lie within the comics?

BTW, thanks for answering my (seemingly endless) questions, Luke. I really appreciate it.

Hey man, the character concept sounds suspiciously like a Usurpation phase character. If you’re playing the Infiltration, I strongly urge you to play out the betrayal and hulling in the game – rather than start as fait accompli.


That sounds suspiciously like a good idea. Thanks!

My hope is that reading the comics and the BRICK (my affectionate term for BE) will catch me all up on this :slight_smile: